Desiree Perez is the Heart of Celebrities Success

The global music and entertainment industry is highly competitive. Leadership in the sector is mainly male dominated, but women such as Desiree Perez, a talent manager, entrepreneur, and producer have shown they can contribute to the leadership table.

Des Perez and her husband Juan Perez are part of Hova Circle of Influencers, a collective of influences and influential investors in the entertainment industry. Perez plays a significant role in helping artists evolve from artists to business tycoons. For example, she negotiated a $ 25 million Samsung collaboration to promote Rihanna’s Anti Tour. This deal raised Rihanna as a bankable A-list performer and a superstar. In the future, Rihanna will improve tremendously as a fashion icon, an artist and a commercial model with Des Perez providing her with financial and moral support and resume her.

Desiree is the Chief Operating Officer of ROC Nation established in 2008. ROC Nation is one of the top global entertainment industries. It is a business working with recording artists, songwriters, music producers on matters like concert and tour production, brand building and management, artist management and music publishing and promotions.

ROC Nation partners with experts in fashion, technology, and management to improve a client’s talent and reputation. ROC Nation also has a sports department brought about by Jay Z, a top ROC Nation image. Juan leads the ROC Nation Sports for management and negotiations for sports celebrities. Many people appreciate artists’ performance but do not recognize the hard work put by experts like Desiree and learn more about Des Perez.

Desiree Perez has worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years negotiating favorable deals for clients. Perez works in collaboration with artists like Jay Z to enhance their talent business wise. She has made her clients’ dreams come true in the entertainment celebrity life industry and Des Perez’s lacrosse camp.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Taking Bradesco To The Next Level

The only way any organization or industry can experience the desired growth is by having the right leadership. The Brazilian banking sector has been performing well in the recent past because most banks are led by individuals with the necessary knowledge and experience in the sector. A perfect example of such leaders is Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who is the current president and CEO of Bradesco. As a senior bank executive, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has always demonstrated exemplary leadership skills throughout the four decades he has worked for Bradesco. He is a highly respected personality in the Brazilian banking industry, and this is attributed to his tremendous achievements.

There are many emerging banks and financial institutions in Brazil, but few can match Bradesco in terms of growth and sustainability. Bradesco is one of the most dominant brands in Brazil’s banking and insurance sectors, and this is attributed to efforts by the bank’s top leadership. Bradesco takes the second position in terms of profitability and market share in Brazil’s banking sector. The bank offers insurance services as one of its many business segments. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is known for his expertise in marketing and personal pensions, and that is why he previously headed the company’s marketing department.

In addition, Bradesco’s insurance segment continues to record promising figures as a result of the many strategies that have been put in place by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Some of the most influential personalities in the country prefer to use the bank’s services, and this has always made it possible for Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to network with quite a number of political and business leaders in Brazil. He has been able to serve many high profile clients throughout his career when it comes to offering credit and other financial services.

Business and finance authors and reporters have over the years cited him as a credible authority on financial and banking matters. As a very knowledgeable and experienced bank executive, it is always easy to understand why he is always consulted by most journalists reporting on various subjects in the financial sector. His expertise in marketing and personal pensions has made him become a consultant in those areas. He is a very resourceful person that has made a major contribution in the formulation of most financial policies in Brazil.

Bradesco is among the oldest banks in Brazill and has over the years continued to offer a wide range of financial services its clients. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi joined the organization in 1969 as a junior clerk and has since then earned a lot of promotion to become the bank’s CEO and president. He has worked at the company’s headquarters in Sao Paulo since 1971, and this always offered him a good opportunity to understand how the bank operates. His excellent leadership skills and a good understanding of Bradesco’s organizational culture were some of the major factors that were considered when appointing him as the president and CEO.

Luiz’s track record is clear for all to see, and that is why it is never a surprise for most people when Bradesco is ranked as one of the best performing financial institutions in Brazil. He helped Bradesco Seguros increase its market share by 2%, and this consequently made the company increase its overall profits. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi studied philosophy and socio-psychology at the university, but it is always interesting to see how he has been able to build a successful career in banking. His willingness to learn new things has enabled him to become an expert in marketing, finance, and insurance matters.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:,luiz-carlos-trabuco-cappi-e-lucilia-diniz-ofereceram-jantar-em-torno-do-prefeito-joao-doria-e-sua-mulher-bia-nos-jardins,30901

Eric Lefkofsky’s Entrepreneurial Success

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the greatest innovators and best entrepreneurs of his time. He is from Michigan and has been selling things since he was only in college. He got an early start to sales as a young college professional when he sold carpet as a side job to his college education and more information click here.

When it comes to different things that Eric Lefkofsky has done, the list is nearly endless. He has worked hard to build up the business that he has and this has allowed him the chance to make sure that he is doing more for the businesses that he owns and the ones that he runs. He wants to make sure that businesses are as successful as possible because of the way that he knows that himself and others will be successful only if the business is able to see a high level of success for the people who are major parts of it and learn more about Eric.

There are many businesses that Eric Lefkofsky has owned. The businesses include everything from health-related ones to ones that are simply sales. He has flourished in each of these roles and this has created a lot of capital for the businesses that he is a part of. He knows that the money that he makes for these businesses will pay off and the businesses will be able to grow into the different types of businesses that it will be a part of. He has worked hard to do this and Eric Lefkofsky’s Website.

Since Eric Lefkofsky has been so successful, this has allowed him the chance to make sure that he is doing more. The biggest thing that he has done, to date, is teach at a university. He has been able to use his experience in different fields to make sure that he is teaching the right things and that he is doing things for the students who he has. He has taught as an adjunct professor at several different universities and this has allowed him the chance to enhance the career that he has. He has also been able to show people that he is able to do different things in the career that he has created for himself and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Currently, Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO of the ultra-savings app Groupon. He has worked hard to make sure that he is in this position and it has allowed them the chance to grow the business. Even though Groupon was highly successful before Eric Lefkofsky took over, it has grown to something that is nearly unimaginable in the time that he has been running the company. He uses the mega savings that Groupon has for their clients to make sure that they are doing the most for the clients that they have.

Not only has Eric Lefkofsky been successful in his professional career, he has also been successful with the different things that he has done in the philanthropic field. He has worked hard to give back to his community instead of using his capital for all of his own gain. This has allowed him the chance to feel better about himself and has truly enabled the community to do better. Eric Lefkofsky wants to make sure that he is doing everything that he can for the communities that he has been a part of during his successful career.

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Madison Street Capital; Overview of a Leading Middle Market Investment Banking Firm

In just 12 years since its inception, Madison street Capital (MSC) has grown into a leading middle market financial advisor in the business world. According to a Gcreport article, Madison Street Capital assists various corporations make shrewd investment decisions, find credit and navigate complex transactions along with providing merger consulting and company valuation services. At the beginning of 2017, the Chicago based investment banking firm oversaw an M&A transaction involving DCG Software merger with The Spitfire Group. The former offers software support and analysis services and operates offices in Pennsylvania and Great Britain. In 2014, MSC offered advisory services to Vital Care Industries. This Illinois based medical product manufacturer was looking for a suitable lender to facilitate a commercial loan.The firm has been producing sterile medical supplies since the mid 80’s


In its major role as an investment advisor, Madison acted as the sole advisor to the Virginia based software maker, ARES Security Corporation in a deal involving a minority recapitalization and subordinated debt. The systems provided by the company play a critical role in protecting vital agencies and installation such as nuclear power plants. The other major transaction is the $13 million sale-leaseback involving the Texas based SCF Realty Capital and WLR Automotive Group. The latter is a Maryland based firm that operates 20 car maintenance, repair and cleaning centers. MSC also offers charitable donations to various causes, including support for communities affected by severe weather as was the case in 2011. During that time, the company donated funds to support families and reconstruction efforts in the Eastern and Midwestern US. The donations were made via reputable nonprofit entities like the American Red Cross and United Way.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm established in 2005. According to, the team of experts serving at Madison Street Capital are highly experienced and adept at providing high quality service, thanks to their exceptional knowledge and extensive relationship. This has earned the company numerous awards, A+ Better Business Bureau rating and positive reviews across various platforms. The awards include 2017 Turnaround Award and 2016 M&A Advisor Awards finalist. To enhance Madison Street Capital reputation as a respected investment banking firm in the middle market, the firm also offers corporate tax planning services, private equity and venture capital services. According to, the privately held investment banking firm’s CEO is Anthony Marsala while Karl D’Cunha is the Senior Managing Director.


Mark Hutchinson and Wildark

Upon reading through an interview about Wild Ark founder Mark Hutchinson it is easy for one to feel a high level of respect and admiration for this single individual whose work as a nature enthusiast, entrepreneur and businessman benefited humanity by bringing people closer to everything wonderful that mother nature has to offer. The interview serves as a means in which the reader can understand the nature, purpose, goals and history behind Mark Hutchinson’s project “Wild Ark” as well as some of his previous works. Throughout the interview, Mark talks a lot about his background as well as what inspired his various projects through answering questions such as “Where did you grow up and what were your earliest memories of the wilderness?” and “How did the idea for Wild Ark come about?“. Like many people, Mark Hutchinson believes it is important for people to have a strong connection with nature. Ultimately, Mark states that the goal of Wild Ark is to preserve the highest percent of wild land possible and use it to create businesses that protect the ecosystem. The full interview can be found on a blog post in the Wild Ark website through the following URL:


For the Wild


Further research into the life of Mark Hutchinson would allow one to better understand his passion for restoring society’s acquaintance with wildlife. Mark Hutchinson was born and raised in the country of Australia. He mentions that some of his earliest and fondest memories include fly fishing, horseback riding and herding sheep at a young age. Before enrolling in a Bachelor of Economics degree at the University in Sydney, Mark gained experience working as a Jackaroo in Northern Australia as well as driving across the entire Continent of Africa at the age of 19. He used this experience to establish his very own adventure company called UNTAMED. In 2015 he left to establish Wild Ark and is currently enrolled in a Masters in Conservation with the hopes of becoming more useful to his cause. Learn more:


Agreeing to Disagree

According to Warren Buffett, achieving a higher yield on your investment can be had simply by utilizing an S&P passive index fund. Mr. Buffett backed up these claims when he made a wager with a group of hedge fund managers for the amount of $1 million, that will be donated to charity. As the date for the wager nears its expiry, Mr. Buffett looks as though his claim will be proven correct and he will collect his earnings. Warren Buffett’s stance on investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund is backed by his perspective that many of the active funds today are overpriced, providing limited value in return. Due to this fact, seeking out low-cost investments to be utilized over the long-term, could be the way to secure financial freedom in retirement. Timothy Armour, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Capital Group, agrees with much Warren Buffett’s strategy, but their opinions diverge in a very major way. Although passive index funds have been traditionally thought of as safe paths to retirement, today, Timothy Armour feels that it is time to challenge that school of thought. During market downturns, investors are exposed to 100 percent volatility, a fact that nearly half of the 1200 investors surveyed online last year, were unaware of. While it is true that many of the actively managed funds have not done as well as their counterparts, statistic show that a person investing $10,000 in the first S&P 500 passive index fund would have half-a-million dollars today, but a person investing that same amount in the best five active funds today would have done better financially and learn more about Timothy.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group, Timothy Armour, has over 34 years of experience in the world of investments. In 1983 Armour graduated from Middlebury College, where he soon began his association with Capital Group by joining The Associates Program. Today, he also serves as an Equity Portfolio Manager and Chairman and Principal Executive Officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc and more information click here.

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A Close Look at How Mike Baur Runs His Business Empire

Mike Baur is a household name in Switzerland. Having worked in the private banking industry, he has a lot of knowledge and experience in the finance sector. The entrepreneur is known for his efforts in supporting upcoming businesses that need mentorship and financial help. Most of the companies affiliated with Mr. Baur are tech enterprises. This shows that Mike is an enthusiast of technology. He’s more impressed by innovation than anything else. Mike Baur was once appointed as a senior executive at one of Switzerland’s top bank because of his excellent leadership skills.


The Swiss businessman has a captivating entrepreneurial journey. At the beginning of his career, he worked as an intern at UBS, where learned some of the skills that made him a successful business leader. After several years of employment, Baur decided to venture into business. He began by investing in startups that had the potential of growing into big businesses. Together with 2 of his colleagues, he launched Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. The company has become a prosperous enterprise in less than five years.


Swiss Startup thrives on innovation. The ICT firm sources capital for startups from private investors who are interested in helping other business owners succeed. It’s the parent company of an establishment called the Swiss Startup Association. As a co-founder of Swiss Startup, Mike’s mission is to provide tech startups with the resources they need to build their brand. The company offers a mentorship program that helps young businesspersons to penetrate the market. Those who undergo the program benefit a lot because they get a better understanding of the corporate world.


Mike Baur recently welcomed Michael Hartweg into Swiss Startup Factory. Michael will be one of the mentors in Swiss Startup’s Accelerator Program. He has been given the mandate to pick any startup and invest in it. Also, he’s responsible for ensuring that the business he chooses transforms into a profitable enterprise. Hartweg has a broad network of investors who will help him offer financial support to the entrepreneurs. Currently, Mike Baur oversees all the operations of the firm. His expertise in developing business strategies has played a significant role in the company’s success. Swiss Startup Factory is headquartered in Zurich.


Baur has a bachelor’s degree as well as a master’s degree in Management. He earned his M.B.A from the University of Rochester. The Swiss business leader understands the steps one should take to become successful in business.


Bob Reina’s Persistence Helped Him Start Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of the video marketing company Talk Fusion which was established in 2007. The Talk Fusion company opened its doors as a flagship product offering a service that put video to emails. Combining his 20 years of experience in the marketing and the selling industries, Reina decided to create a product that he had wished existed for years before. The global success for Talk Fusion has been massive, and his innovation has taken off around the world offering consumers a product they looked very hard for, but until how had not found. Reina wants to use his invention that he spearheaded to give back to the community he lives in as well as other communities around the world. Reina views his success as other people’s successes. Every time Reina gets paid it means someone else succeeded, and he shares in that success. That’s what drives him to become to continue to improve his business each and every day.


Bob Reina is the CEO and founder of the company Talk Fusion which he was motivated to create when he just found that working as a police officer for over 10 years was just not his calling. He didn’t feel as though he was “accomplishing” what he was meant to accomplish in that field. That’s when Reina quit his day job and became a budding entrepreneur with his new inventions of video-based email systems. That’s when Talk Fusion was born. Learn more:


Bob Reina also has plenty of advice for young, budding entrepreneurs to help them succeed. The first key is consistency in everything you do. Get up at the same time every day. Go to bed the same time e very day. Put in your work hours each day. Get into a schedule. Ensure you take time off to do things you enjoy. Balance work and life. Be persistent in your business. If it doesn’t work the first time keep trying again because if you believe in the idea and there is a market for it, that will eventually become apparent and work out. Learn more:



Importance of Having Civil Rights Bodies across the World

Respect to life is a fundamental principle that many countries respect across the world. States have enacted laws that protect the right to life and structures that govern them. Due to continued oppression and dictatorship from few countries, people have risen to defend and uphold the dignity of human beings.

They have developed resistance and established organizations that champion for the respect of individuals. As such, other countries have borrowed a leaf from the civil right movements and have been defending the right to life whenever a threat occurs.

Civil and human rights organization have played a significant role in the United States of America towards protecting the rights of migrants. Civil society has gone on to introduce the five freedom of the First Amendment with the aim of articulating issues affecting the migrants.

For instance, The ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project has been fighting for the rights of immigrants and liberties by ensuring there is no public or private discrimination of people. The organization has been in existence for the past 25 years and has brought much change in the lives of immigrants.

It has ensured continuous public outreach and advocacy to sensitize the public on the right to life. The organization has been steadfast in ensuring legal representation for the immigrant families. It is one among many organizations that have made sure that constitutionalism is followed in regards to enforcing federal laws that might affect immigrants. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Many materials have been written regarding the rules that should be followed when addressing human rights and immigration policies. International organizations have also organized seminars with the aim of educating people on the importance of respecting human rights specifically immigrants.

People mostly affected by the immigration process are the asylum seekers, children, and individuals living with disabilities among others. Without a clear-cut remedy, many detainees are always left suffering because of the long process in seeking justice. Other countries have continued to detain immigrants in a deplorable state with squeezed cells, poor sanitation and sexual assault.

Though civil and human rights organization have emerged, many still facestiff competition and challenges from existing governments due to weak legislations.

Many people have passed through the hands of intimidation and arbitrary arrest due to the nature of their human rights status. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been at the centre-stage of championing for the rights of all the indigenous people.

The two journalists were arrested by the county sheriff Joe Arpaio after they were to reveal a secret about a grand jury proceeding that wanted to use reporter’s notes to cover-up on the sheriff’s shortcomings. The journalists were focused on publishing stories of human interest on Phoenix New Times that people would read online. Read more:  About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund and Village Voice Media | Wikepida

Due to a successful appeal, they were paid $3.75 million and had been using the money to champion civil and human rights campaigns.

Securus Technologies is Living up To Its Main Objective of Solving and Preventing More Crimes

Securus Technologies, Inc. is among the biggest service providers for inmate communications, government data management solutions, and parolee tracking. From my research, I learnt that the organization serves nearly 2,600 prisons in 45 states and approximately a million convicts all over the United States. Furthermore, Securus Technologies aims at ensuring public’s safety on a regular basis by the creation of several technical solutions; hence, are respected widely by several stakeholders. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, TX as well as four regional offices in different states.


Because of their excellent problem-solving technology, Securus Technologies have received a lot of praise from several stakeholders within the government and penitentiaries environments. The praises were in the form of letters and emails addressed to the establishment and some of them were published on the organization’s website.


I also discovered that the Richard Smith, the Chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies is a charismatic individual with an open personality. During an interview, he elucidated that Securus developed a new product or service every week to assist the stakeholders in the law enforcement and correctional facilities. As a result, the new technology helps them to either solve crimes or prevent the occurrence of new crimes. Furthermore, Mr Smith also mentioned that the many emails and letters they had received were a clear indication that the company was conquering its primary objective of ensuring the world is safer.


I went through some of the remarks from customers of Securus Technologies and discovered the following comments. One of the clients indicated that Securus Technology provided them with assistance and helped them to arrest corrupt prison personnel who had introduced contraband into the facility. The information they got aided them to get a search warrant, and after a follow-up, the staff was apprehended.


I also found a comment from another stakeholder who had nothing but happy remarks regarding the LBS software offered by Securus. The customer was from the Sheriff’s department, and he expressed that the software aided their department in recovering millions stashed in the form of illegal properties, drugs, and money. The client further praised them that if not for their LBS software, the recovery would not have been possible.