Dick And Betsy Devos Invest In Technology And The American Education System

Education is an essential foundation upon which any society can be built. The current advancement in every aspect of life creates a void that needs to be filled by each and every other person, and that can only be achieved through acquiring the right form of education. There are numerous ways through which a person can acquire different skill-sets that end up enabling a person to fulfill his/her destiny in life.


In the current society, formal education has somehow taken over the informal methods of tutoring, and it is nowadays essential for people to attend lecturers where knowledge is passed from the tutors to the students. There are very many fields of specialization in life, and a person is always free to select the particular specialty that he/she wants to be engaged in once the process of acquiring knowledge is complete.


As much as most people may not have realized the need of supporting educational institutions, the case is not the same for Dick and Betsy Devos. The philanthropists understand that the young individuals should be encouraged since they are the ones who will be given the mantle of leadership, and the massive task of ensuring that the country moves forward with regards to development. Philanthropy requires much sacrifice from a particular individual, and one is typically needed to give the only thing that he/she may have to ensure that others in the society can live comfortably.


The Devos are associated with a wealthy background, and this stems from the effort that Dick’s father was able to put early in life to the point that he ended up founding Amway. The company is a marketing organization that enabled the Devos family to rise higher up to the epitome of success. As a result of engaging in marketing matters for quite a long time, Betsy Devos was able to realize the opportunity that existed in the entrepreneurial world, and that is why she started investing in technology, a process that led her to be elected to the position of president at Windquest Group.


Many people may desire to have amendments incorporated into their daily lives so that every political process favors them, and they can end up benefiting maximally from the policies that are enacted in Congress. However, only a handful of people are usually ready to rise up to the challenge and motivate other individuals who might be less courageous. Betsy Devos believes that all people in the society should be able to receive adequate financial support when it comes to matters of education, and that is why she is at the forefront of ensuring that even the private institutions can be able to receive financial support from the government.


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