Productive Contribution Of Shiraz Boghani In The Hospitality Industry

Shiraz Boghani is a renowned entrepreneur who has brought a lot of transformation in the hotel industry. He was recognized through Asian Business Awards as the “Hotelier of the Year” in 2016.he is the one who was on the frontline in the development of private service hotels in London.

Currently, he serves in Splendid Hospitality Group as the chairman. His experience in the hospitality industry has led to the growth of the group. He has been able to oversee the hotel portfolio successfully for many years. Splendid Hospitality Group has developed many hotels in the United Kingdom.

Shiraz Boghani has been involved in developing the community in various ways. He has contributed a lot of funds to the charitable organizations which are aimed at improving the standard of living of the people. He has served in various executive positions in Ismaili Community. He has made a lot of difference in London and various parts of the world. He has earned experience for over three decades. The experience has enabled him to invest and manage many hotel brands. Splendid Hospitality Group has developed nineteen hotels in the United Kingdom. Shiraz is an innovator and certified accountant. He obtained accounting certificate from Chartered Accountant his skills and knowledge in the hotels have led to the success of Splendid Hospitality Group. He is well known for the philanthropic work. He established Sussex Health Care. The organization is a home care institution. The institution has helped a lot of people in the United Kingdom. The health conditions of the people have been improved.

The “Hotelier of the Year” award that he received in 2016 is an indication of his productive performance in the hospitality industry. The company constructed a hotel known as Hilton London Bankside which is one of the outstanding hospitality institutions in the city.

Shiraz has awarded a lot of funds to Aga Khan Foundation to improve its operations. The non-profit organizations assists the disadvantaged people in the community. The members of the community have been assisted in obtaining health services within their vicinity. Shiraz is compassionate for the old and weak members of the society. His contributions have been used to providing healthcare to the vulnerable people in the society. He founded Sussex Health Care in 1985 to provide home care. The organization has established eighteen home care in the United Kingdom. The organization has improved the standard of living in the society through the provision of healthcare

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The Enigma Hussain Sajwani

Born in either 1952/1953, Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani is a resident of Dubai. He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of DAMAC group. Hussain Sajwani family had ventured in entrepreneurship fron his tender age. He attended the University of Washington and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. He was sent to this university on a government scholarship. Hussain is married and has four children.



Before founding DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani kick-started his career as a Contracts Manager for GASCO a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. With an entrepreneurial bloodline, Hussain decided to launch his own food service business. In this venture, Hussain Sajwani provided services in Iraq’s first’s war and for America’s military in different parts of the world and also Bechtel. Currently, this catering venture is known as Global Logistics Services.



In mid 1990, there was an increase of people visiting Dubai to either trade or do businesses. This saw Hussain building hotels to host these people. It is with these skills that he founded DAMAC Properties in 2002. DAMAC is a world-class public company that deals with Construction and Architecture, Engineering and Real Estate and is the biggest in the Middle East.



Hussain Sajwani has raised DAMAC’s status as a leading construction and Real Estate company by teaming up with Donal Trump in the creation of two golf courses. One of these golf courses was designed by Tiger Woods and is managed by Trump organization. Hussain and Trump not only share a common interest in business but also friends who visit each other and attend each other’s parties.



Other prestigious and popular team ups with DAMAC include; Paramount Hotels by Paramount Pictures, luxury villas designed by Bugatti, and luxurious apartments with interiors made by VERSACE and Fendi. Learn more:



Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC owner is not only vexed on growing his business, but also in charitable works. As a result, he together with his company donated two million dollars to dress one million needy children. This was an initiative by the Dubai government together with Emirates Red Crescent organization. Hussain is always at the forefront in supporting government programmes to improve living standards in the world. Learn more: