Securus Technologies: Top Of The Line Hi-Tech Safety

Since 1986, Securus Technologies has led the way in providing law enforcement, correctional institutions, and public entities in providing secure and reliable means for handling sensitive information necessary to ensure that the safety needs of all aspects of these bodies are met to the fullest extent.


Based in Dallas, Texas with four regional offices in the Dallas metro area and one in Atlanta, Georgia, Securus Technologies holds contracts with approximately 2,200 correctional institutions in the United States and with an additional 2,200-plus throughout Canada and Mexico. These services include the use of technologies that provide protection to the institution itself as well as those who work there, the inmates who are housed there, and visitors to the facility.


Securus services extend as well to public safety. The company works closely with emergency response personnel, first responder units, and local law enforcement agencies to provide secure, accurate means of gathering, consolidating, and sharing critical information needed in emergency situations. The impact of these safety, crime-solving and prevention services does not go unnoticed by it’s grateful clients, whose remarks express the highest praise for them. Below is just a small sample of the dozens of comments the company receives each week regarding their services:


– For more than ten years our correctional center has used the outstanding services offered by Securus Technoligies It is a good feeling to know that the vendor we have chosen is on the forefront of making significant improvements and updates to the environment in which we work, and is committed to working with us toward a mutual goal of improving public safety in every way possible.


– The hi-tech investigative tools provided to our facility by Securus Technologies made it possible for our workers to conduct thorough investigations when dealing with reports of harassment and other potentially threatening situations, helping to maintain the safety and security of the institution.


– Thanks to technology developed by Securus, we were able to monitor calls and obtain valuable information about inmates who were procuring and using alcohol as well as others who were using and selling drugs within the institution, a cell phone illegally smuggled into the facility, and various threats and other situations which, had they gone undetected, could have had potentially dangerous, even life-threatening consequences.


These and other testimonials highlight the reason Securus Technologies takes pride in what they do and are committed to further revolutionizing safety and security systems into the future.

Securus Technologies is Living up To Its Main Objective of Solving and Preventing More Crimes

Securus Technologies, Inc. is among the biggest service providers for inmate communications, government data management solutions, and parolee tracking. From my research, I learnt that the organization serves nearly 2,600 prisons in 45 states and approximately a million convicts all over the United States. Furthermore, Securus Technologies aims at ensuring public’s safety on a regular basis by the creation of several technical solutions; hence, are respected widely by several stakeholders. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, TX as well as four regional offices in different states.


Because of their excellent problem-solving technology, Securus Technologies have received a lot of praise from several stakeholders within the government and penitentiaries environments. The praises were in the form of letters and emails addressed to the establishment and some of them were published on the organization’s website.


I also discovered that the Richard Smith, the Chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies is a charismatic individual with an open personality. During an interview, he elucidated that Securus developed a new product or service every week to assist the stakeholders in the law enforcement and correctional facilities. As a result, the new technology helps them to either solve crimes or prevent the occurrence of new crimes. Furthermore, Mr Smith also mentioned that the many emails and letters they had received were a clear indication that the company was conquering its primary objective of ensuring the world is safer.


I went through some of the remarks from customers of Securus Technologies and discovered the following comments. One of the clients indicated that Securus Technology provided them with assistance and helped them to arrest corrupt prison personnel who had introduced contraband into the facility. The information they got aided them to get a search warrant, and after a follow-up, the staff was apprehended.


I also found a comment from another stakeholder who had nothing but happy remarks regarding the LBS software offered by Securus. The customer was from the Sheriff’s department, and he expressed that the software aided their department in recovering millions stashed in the form of illegal properties, drugs, and money. The client further praised them that if not for their LBS software, the recovery would not have been possible.