Mark Hutchinson and Wildark

Upon reading through an interview about Wild Ark founder Mark Hutchinson it is easy for one to feel a high level of respect and admiration for this single individual whose work as a nature enthusiast, entrepreneur and businessman benefited humanity by bringing people closer to everything wonderful that mother nature has to offer. The interview serves as a means in which the reader can understand the nature, purpose, goals and history behind Mark Hutchinson’s project “Wild Ark” as well as some of his previous works. Throughout the interview, Mark talks a lot about his background as well as what inspired his various projects through answering questions such as “Where did you grow up and what were your earliest memories of the wilderness?” and “How did the idea for Wild Ark come about?“. Like many people, Mark Hutchinson believes it is important for people to have a strong connection with nature. Ultimately, Mark states that the goal of Wild Ark is to preserve the highest percent of wild land possible and use it to create businesses that protect the ecosystem. The full interview can be found on a blog post in the Wild Ark website through the following URL:


For the Wild


Further research into the life of Mark Hutchinson would allow one to better understand his passion for restoring society’s acquaintance with wildlife. Mark Hutchinson was born and raised in the country of Australia. He mentions that some of his earliest and fondest memories include fly fishing, horseback riding and herding sheep at a young age. Before enrolling in a Bachelor of Economics degree at the University in Sydney, Mark gained experience working as a Jackaroo in Northern Australia as well as driving across the entire Continent of Africa at the age of 19. He used this experience to establish his very own adventure company called UNTAMED. In 2015 he left to establish Wild Ark and is currently enrolled in a Masters in Conservation with the hopes of becoming more useful to his cause. Learn more: